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Private Water Companies Puchasing Public Water Systems

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Privatization of Public Water Systems an you, the end user, pay for it in their water rates!

Citizens Ultilty Board is an organization in Illinois that fights for the citizens dealing with utilities within the Illinois.  An Article from CUB related to Privatization and Big Water.  This link has information pertaining to the purchase of water/wastewater entities by private "For-Profit" corporations in Illinois.  Note the map,  particually around madison county area!  Dont think our water resources aren't being targeted!  They are!!


AARP News Article, here you will find more information dealing with the buying of the water entities throughout the Nation and how its impacting the rising cost of water!

Over the past decade or so private water companies have purchased public systems. Some of these were needed and required, but others were simply not.  As noted in this article, the town sold out and regreted the choice. Another article also relating to the issues of selling out! Any search engine can lead you to multiple links illustrating time and time again the cost of selling out!


Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company

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Neglect and Lack of Routine Maintenance

The most recent and scariest  event is happening in Jackson Mississippi, Here the town hadn't done any maintenance and neglected their water system to the point of failure! 


Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company is working for you! The very thought of having a private company to only raise the cost without recourse or local representation is something the IARWC is fighting back on.  With IARWC the Board of Directors can be addressed by your community representative. See every community that purchased water from IARWC has a representative that is a Board Director that has a voice on the IARWC Board. Each community, no matter how large or small, has the same weighted voice and vote on any matter.  

Being a setback was incurred at the very on set of formation of IARWC and because of the court initial ruling didn’t allow IARWC the luxury of continued work towards the project.  The fallout was about 1 ½ years was lost due to the legal process. Today IARWC is working very astutely to make the goal of building and providing water to all of the communities that wish to purchase water form IARWC a reality!  With that reality is the goal of not selling out to private water company nor neglecting the water system in any manner!